Joe Zmyewski Passed away while bench pressing at Lion Heart Gym.  He was doing what he loves and with so many of his friends.  He will be missed greatly.  Joe has helped most of us to be better powerlifters or just to build more strength.  Myself he helped me get my bench back after a bad car accident.  One of the great members of Lion Heart.  He was 57 years. Joe started competing in 1975 after bench pressing 300 pounds in high school.  Since that time Joe has won national and world records.

1991 Indy State Champ and world record holder 600# bench (wearing a T-shirt).
1991 Michigan State Champ
1992 National Champ
1992 US open, set world record 591# bench
1992 Worlds Champ
1992 Athlete of the year
1993 National Champ and world record 630# bench
1993 World Champ
1994 National Champ
Very impressive and that’s not all.
Joe’s best squat 725
Joe’s best dead lift – 590
2009 APA world bench 520
2010 APA world bench 530
At 54 benched 520, at 57 benched 450, And on and on
Captain of the Lion Heart Power Team. We are proud of him.